Dobrynya - russian cuisine restaurant

Dobrynya - russian cuisine restaurant
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The restaurant "Dobrynya" on Zvenigorodskoe highway, bearing the name of the epic Russian hero, turns in its appearance to the epoch of the formation of the Russian state. The decoration of the three halls of the restaurant - "Kupechesky", "Refectory" and "Boyarsky" - carefully and lovingly recreates the traditions of ancient Russian architecture. The very architecture of the halls recalls the vaulted chambers of kremlin, boyar and rich merchant houses. Painting painted on the ceilings and vaults of the halls, reproduces the bright national patterns: the whimsical interweaving of flowers, leaves, fruits decorated clothes, utensils, household items of Kiev, Novgorod, Chernihivites. Organically inscribed in the interior and samples of original carving in wood in the manner of skilful masters of Suzdal and Vladimir.

To make the menu of the restaurant "Dobrynya" in Moscow, the chefs collected old recipes of Russian cuisine and adapted them to modern tastes and an actual set of ingredients. Here you can get acquainted with such dishes as "Novgorod" skoblyanka - it is made of tender veal fillet, fried in a special way with mushrooms and onions, and served with baked potatoes, pickled cucumbers and greens, or with hunting cutlets from elk, served with pickles and ajika , or with pike cutlets, for which pike fillets finely chop, add spices and fry in a pan, complementing when serving fried parsnip with onions.

Booking: +7 (495) 784-76-65

Opening hours: weekdays: 11: 00-24: 00, days off: 12: 00-24: 00



Moscow, Zvenigorodskoe highway. 4

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