Red route in Russia 9 days / 8 nights

Red route in Russia 9 days / 8 nights
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Tour program “red tour” 9 days\8 nights

Day 1. Moscow.

Meeting at the airport or at the railway station. Transfer to Moscow. Check-in at the hotel. Dinner in the restaurant in the hotel. Free time. Rest.

Day 2. Moscow.

Breakfast in the hotel.

9.00 meeting with the guide at the reception. Boarding the bus.

10.00-11.30 walk trip around Red Square and Aleksandrovsky garden with visiting V.I.Lenin mausoleum – the leader of the proletariat  (Mausoleum is opened every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 to 13)

12.00-13.30 excursion in the Moscow Kremlin. “Territory of the Kremlin + one of the cathedrals.

14-15 lunch I the restaurant

15-18 Moscow city tour

19-21 evening cultural program (theatre, circus, and concert hall)

21.40 late dinner in the hotel.

Day 3. Moscow.

Breakfast in the hotel. Check-out.

9.00 meeting with the guide at the reception. Boarding the bus.

Transfer to the museum – reserve “Gorky Leninskiye”. Destination: Kashirskaya road, 12 km from Moscow ring road. Time on the road 30 min from Moscow ring road + time from the hotel to Moscow ring road.

11-12.30 excursion the museum-estate “Gorky”.

12.30-13.15 excursion in the museum “V.I. Lenin’s study and flat in the Kremlin”

13.15-14.15 excursion in science and cultural centre “V.I.Lenin museum”

15-16 lunch in the restaurant on the territory of the estate.

By 18.00 transfer to Moscow to the Kazan railway station. Departure for Ulyanovsk.

19.00 departure of the train “Moscow-Ulyanovsk”.

Dinner on the board of the train.

Day 4. Ulyanovsk.

9.30 arrival to Ulyanovsk.

10.30-11.10 breakfast in the restaurant.

11.30-12.30 visiting Lenin’s house-museum in Ulyanovsk.

12.30-13.30 excursion in the Leninsky Memorial.

13.30-14.00 solemn initiation to “lenintsy”

14-14.40 flower imposition to Vladimir Ilich Lenin monument.

15-15.30 lunch in the restaurant.

15.30-18 transfer to the country side tourists’ complex. Check-in in the hotel.

18.30-19 excursion around the complex

19-21.30 ethnographic national evening program with Russian cuisine

21.30 free time. Rest in the hotel. *optional: visiting the farm, horse riding, and try Russian sauna.

Day 5. Ulyanovsk-Kazan

Breakfast in the hotel, check-out.

9-12 departure for Kazan. Check-in, rest.

13.40-14.20 lunch in the restaurant.

14.40-18.00 Kazan city-tour with visiting the mosque Kul-sharif, the Kazan Kremlin and the Kazan university, here Lenin studied.

18-19 dinner (Tatar cuisine)

19-20.30 evening Kazan city-tour

20.30 returning to the hotel. Rest.

01.00-02.00 transfer to the airport

3.30 flight Kazan – Saint Petersburg.

Day 6. Saint Petersburg.

6.30 arrival to St. Petersburg. Transfer to the hotel.

9.20-9.50 breakfast I the hotel.

10.30-13.30 city-tour around Petersburg (Finland railway station, Kshesinskaya villa, Smolny palace, Lenin’s memorial apartment, Dvortsovaya square).

13.30-14.30 lunch in the restaurant.

14.30-15.30 continuation of thr city-tour (Petropavlovskaya fortress, historical part of the city). Free time. Shopping, walk on the Nevsky Avenue.

19.30-20.20 dinner in the restaurant. Transfer to the hotel. Rest.

Day 7. Saint Petersburg

Breakfast in the hotel.

10-13 excursion in the Hermitage (winter palace and the hall of the Heritage).

13-14 lunch in the restaurant.

14.30-17 excursion around the historical places of “brocade Leningrad” (the objects of the heroic defense of Leningrad during the World War the 2nd).

17-18 river trip on the river tram on the Neva River.

19-21 evening cultural program (theatre, ballet, etc.)

21.40-22.20 late dinner in the restaurant. Transfer to the hotel.

Day 8. Saint Petersburg

Breakfast I the hotel

9.30-11.30 moving to Tzarskoe Selo.

11.30-14 excursion around Tzarskoe Selo and Ekaterina’s the 2nd palace.

14-15 lunch in the restaurant.

15-16 returning to St. Petersburg.

16-17 excursion to Elizarovi museum-apartment. Transfer to the hotel. Free time.

Day 9. Saint Petersburg

Breakfast in the hotel. Check-out.

9.30-11 moving to Peterhof

11-13 excursion around Peterhof with visiting the Bolshoi palace.

13-14 lunch in the restaurant, returning to ‘St. Petersburg. Transfer to the airport or to the railway station.


Cost of 9 day tour per pax in the group

20 persons30 persons40 persons
109 000 ₽99 000 ₽89 000 ₽

In the cost included:

  • Living in the 3-4* hotels (with buffet breakfasts).
  • Eating: lunch + dinner\banquet; excursion service on the program tickets to all the palaces and museums.
  • Bus en route; tickets to the in-country flights and trains.
  • Ticket to cultural program in every city; ceremony of initiation in Ulyanovsk.
  • All days the guide-interpreter works with the group (Chinese, English or other languages).

Ask any questions on the tours to the manager of the foreign tourists’ admission in Russia: +79277764777

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