Chinese News - restaurant chain
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The first restaurant "Chinese News" was opened on January 15, 2015, according to the authori..
Clean Line - excursion to the ice cream factory
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Do you want to see with your own eyes how natural ice cream is made? Then we will be glad to see..
Country сlub Solaris
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Rest in the suburbs is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beauty of picturesque landscapes, to..
Dobrynya - russian cuisine restaurant
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The restaurant "Dobrynya" on Zvenigorodskoe highway, bearing the name of the epic Russian he..
Kirin - chinese restaurant
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Kitchen is an important part of any culture. But for the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom food is o..
Pakhomov - restaurant chain
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Gourmet RestaurantFast. Delicious. Cheap. The slogan, which 20 years ago chose the Pokhomov Pokrov r..
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