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Gourmet Restaurant

Fast. Delicious. Cheap. The slogan, which 20 years ago chose the Pokhomov Pokrov restaurant chain, is still relevant. You can refresh yourself well and can afford here as drivers, passing along the Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod highway through the Pokrov, and tourists, and local residents.

Five points successfully work, where you can eat with pleasure - Cafe "At Alexander", "Slavyanka 699 km" and "Slavyanka 103 km", cafe "U Oleg" and "Gourmet". And each of them is unique in its own way and will satisfy even the most demanding tourist.

Gourmet restaurant, perhaps the best institution in the city of Pokrov, is an amazing place - where the charming atmosphere of classics and modern trends of restaurant fashion merge. This is also the institution of Pakhomov LLC, designed for the most demanding customers. Furnishings here, as in an expensive European restaurant. In addition to luxurious interior and impeccable service, you will find a first-class menu for more than democratic prices for a restaurant of this level.

A variety of meat dishes, fresh fish, delicious desserts - all this is not the only thing our chef will please you! In "Gourmet" you will also taste classic salads and delicious soups, Italian pasta and will appreciate the variety of the Asian menu.

A restaurant where you can make an offer of hands and hearts, celebrate a wedding celebration, christening, meet with friends or business associates. For you, there are always additional services: a florist, musicians, speakers, hall decorators and artists.

A convenient geographical location provides an excellent access to the restaurant. The restaurant "Gourmet" has its own parking, for 20 cars, and recently there was also a corporate taxi of the restaurant. We take care of your rest not only in the restaurant, but also outside.

You will always be met, tastily fed and held as an expensive guest.

The restaurant has 2 floors; the first is a democratic cafe with a bar "At Oleg", on the second - actually, a spacious restaurant "Gourmet" and VIP-lounge for 16 people.

Cafe "At Oleg's"

This is the most popular sushi bar in the city. In the menu - a variety of Asian cuisine, and even visitors can try pizza, hamburgers, as well as delicious dishes of different cuisines around the world. If you go to a cafe at "Oleg", be sure to try a thick soup, which is served not in the usual dish, but in specially baked bread. Real jam! Any dish from the menu you can order with you or with delivery to your home.

The last thing that should be noted is that in all establishments of Pakhomov LLC there are highly skilled chefs who regularly raise their level of mastery in the capital's restaurants, and buy food from proven domestic suppliers for dishes.

  • Address: Vladimirskaya oblast, Pokrov, ul. Lenina, 16
  • Tel: 8 (49243) 6-15-88

    Cafe "At Alexander"

    On the first floor are two spacious halls decorated in a modern style with a zone of distribution of food and drinks, on the street there are separate gazebos for visitors. The menu in the cafe is varied, and the dishes are delicious and very hearty. Here on weekdays for lunch, the pokrovske look. And this is valuable, because exactly what the institution chooses by local residents, shows how high the level of service. On the second floor there is a banquet hall with a separate entrance, a summer terrace, a stage, a bar and a hall for 60 people.

    Budget options for the banquet menu for anniversaries, graduation parties, children's events, weddings. Additional services for the design of the hall, live music, animation for children and much more.

    • Address: Vladimirskaya oblast, Pokrov, ul. Lenina, 39
    • Tel: +7 (905) 617-55-44 administrator

      Cafe Slavyanka 699 km

      Spacious hall in modern design with a zone of distribution of dishes and drinks. It has long been fond of truckers, passing tourists and just motorists who were hungry on the road. After all, they can quickly and tasty lunch without spending a lot of money. The menu here - the eyes run!

      • Address: Vladimirskaya oblast, Pokrov, ul. Lenina, 56
      • Tel: +7 (905) 618-47-74 administrator

      Cafe Slavyanka 103 km

      Those who like to sit at a table, studying the menu, it is worth to visit the "Slavyanka" on 103 km of the route towards Nizhny Novgorod. What is important, the institution is very sensitive to the quality of food, cleanliness in dining rooms and coziness. For the first time visiting a cafe, you will not believe that it is, in fact, a roadside one. To this extent it is comfortable and at home. And the prices will pleasantly surprise you.

      For the convenience of visitors, the cafe has a large parking lot, places for rest, clean restrooms and showers, a store where you can buy related products for the journey and semi-finished products of your own production, food and beverages.

      Lovers of this Russian cuisine are waiting in a cozy dumplings. Here the pelmeni are prepared by hand, according to all national traditions, carefully choosing the ingredients and ingredients. And they turn out so delicious, as if they brought a plate with a homemade, self-delicious treat on the table.

      So come to the dumplings Pakhomov LLC can be the whole family, when you want to relax from cooking, but do not want to give up tasty homemade food. By the way, you can buy pelmeni of your own production to cook their households, also you can in the store near the cafe "Slavyanka 103 km".

      • Address: Vladimirskaya oblast, Pokrov, ul. Lenina, 33
      • Tel: +7 (906) 561-29-29 administrator

      Come, it will be delicious!

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