Bogorodsky Ice Factory - excursion to the ice cream factory

Bogorodsky Ice Factory - excursion to the ice cream factory
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Fans of ice cream are invited to an amazing and exciting trip to the Bogorodsk ice cream factory in the town of Noginsk near Moscow. You will not only see the fabulous birth of all your favorite treats, but also enjoy the exquisite taste of the freshest and tenderest ice cream made in front of you by the wizards of the Bogorodsky (Noginsk) ice cream factory.

Bogorodsky Khladokombinat is the official supplier of the Moscow Kremlin. Bogorodsky Khladokombinat is the most interesting enterprise in the Moscow region for production excursions for schoolchildren of junior and high school, and for career guidance of high school students!

For more than fifty years, the Bogorodsky Khladokombinat improves the process of producing cold sweets and pleases large and small ice cream lovers with high-quality seals in cups, horns and briquettes with various additives, classic fillings and Bogorodsky eskimo, sherbet and fruit ice, and of course miracle cakes, which are so spectacularly decorated and beautiful that it's just a pity there ...

During the trip to the cold store you will learn how to do all the favorite delicacies, see all the processes of ice cream production in briquettes, visit the shop where the confectioners on your eyes will create a cake-masterpiece, and the bravest and hardened will look into the huge refrigerator with the temperature minus 30 degrees, where the ice cream is stored.

After the tour, all the sweet tooth will be invited to a cafe for tasting the freshest ice cream directly from the assembly line, and after the tasting all participants will receive a gift from different types of ice cream for home tasting with the family!

Concerning the organization of the excursion, call +7(964)572-79-53

  • +7 (496) 514-52-82
  • +7 (496) 514-36-58

Moscow region, Noginsk, Betonnaya street, 4

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