Clean Line - excursion to the ice cream factory

Clean Line - excursion to the ice cream factory
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Do you want to see with your own eyes how natural ice cream is made? Then we will be glad to see you on a visit at our factory. Excursions are held daily for groups, and on Saturdays for individual visitors.

  • At the factory allowed children from 6 years.
  • The cost of the tour is 1500 rubles per person.
  • Duration 1,5 hours.
  • It is held 7 days a week, 7 days a week. The first excursion at 9:45, the last one at 18:30.
  • Group from 15 to 49 people. For every 10 tourists 1 adult is free.

On the tour, we show and tell about all the stages of production: how all the ingredients come to the factory, how they are mixed, frizirovanie, maturation, molding.

You will see the secrets of production. For example, how a filler fills cups or an ice cream is covered with glaze. And of course all the guests are expected tasting, including the most delicate fresh ice cream (before freezing), which you can try only at the factory. In addition to tasting at the end of the excursion, visitors are offered pleasant souvenirs.

Program of excursion to the ice cream factory

15 minutes

Meeting with the main characters of the tour "Chistalin" - the main ice-cream and Chistalina - his assistant. You will be told where and what to change and will provide safety training.

30 minutes

Excursion on production together with the main ice-cream Chistalin During the tour you will go through the main workshops of the factory and you will see the whole process of ice cream production:

  • warehouse, where all the ingredients for ice cream are stored;
  • Wafer department - where aromatic waffle cups are baked;
  • brewhouse, in which you will learn that ice cream is warm and can move around the pipes;
  • the main shop is the most fascinating sight in this shop: freezers, machine tools, conveyors.

Here the Eskimo wears a "chocolate clothes", and the glass is filled with delicious ice cream "Clean Line"

30 minutes

Master class on decorating ice cream balls and tasting with Chistalina. Under the direction of Chistalina you will learn how tasty and beautiful it is possible to eat ice cream, decorate ice cream balls with sweet toppings and sprinkles, with pleasure you will taste the resulting dessert.

15 minutes

Presenting gifts, changing clothes, seeing off sightseers to the bus.



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