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Chinese News - restaurant chain
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The first restaurant "Chinese News" was opened on January 15, 2015, according to the authoritative opinion of Afisha magazine, "authentic as much as it is possible at all."

If the interior, then the most realistic - the interior of the restaurant imitates the Chinese shopping street: posters and advertising in Chinese, neon signs of shops and street cafes, a real tea shop, the resemblance of a tiny "Chinatown."

If the kitchen is not adapted. Making up the menu, we tried to select those dishes that, firstly, would be understandable to Muscovites, and secondly, for the preparation of which the available domestic products - meat, poultry, vegetables, flour - were used, this allowed us to provide an acceptable menu cost. Yes, of course, we have super hits of Chinese cuisine such as "sour-soup soup", "chicken gongbao" or "eggplant in garlic sauce".

The main thing in our menu is real Chinese dumplings from wheat flour; dishes from the Chinese brazier on live coal; dishes from noodles of own production; Chinese steam curative soups, steamed with the addition of medicinal plants, herbs and berries; dishes in the traditional Taiwanese style "three glasses", as well as more than 40 items of cold and hot dishes based on meat, poultry, fish, seafood and vegetables.

The second institution under the sign "Chinese News" was opened on March 28, 2016 at the Patriarchal Ponds at Spiridonovka 25/20. Unlike the first restaurant in Konkovo, where the interior copies the conditional Taiwan street, the theme of the decoration here is the old Shanghai courtyard: on the walls there are billboards of the 30s, the predominance of traditional red, neon signs and graffiti, but in softer muted tones.

The menu is still bestsellers of Chinese cuisine: steamed dumplings from wheat flour, dishes from the Chinese brazier, homemade noodles, medicinal soups, dishes in the traditional Taiwanese style "three glasses" and more than 40 items of cold and hot dishes based on meat, poultry, fish , seafood and vegetables.

In addition to the usual menu, guests are welcome new items, as well as a wide wine list with an emphasis on fresh mineral varieties of predominantly northern regions. The best sommelier of Russia in 2014, the president of the Moscow Sommelier Association, Eugene Bogdanov picked up the sorts specially for Chinese cuisine. "We will play with the flow temperature, for example, red wines will be served slightly chilled, literally a couple of degrees below the classical version, which will soften the spice and sharpness of the dishes and get a fresh aftertaste, we will offer guests thoughtful interesting food-wine pairs." In addition to the wine list, the tea menu is also improved, there are more positions in it, more variety, including interesting varieties of smoked tea, fermented oolong tea, white tea, exclusive Puer.


  • «Chinese news» Profsoyuznaya: st. Profsoyuznaya, 126, k.3, +7 (495) 968-37-21
  • «Chinese news» Spiridonovka: st. Spiridonovka, d. 25/20, +7 (499) 136-97-21
  • «Chinese news» Arbat: st. Novy Arbat 17, +7 (495) 960-87-46


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