White Kangaroo - the largest contact zoo in Moscow

White Kangaroo - the largest contact zoo in Moscow
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"White Kangaroo" is not just a contact zoo in Moscow. Here live amazing cute animals, and a touching atmosphere reigns. Wonders await you: the smiling Cheshire Cat will invite to the magical world of wonderful transformations. Right from the doorstep you will find yourself in Lewis Carroll's fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland".

"White Kangaroo" is located in three centers. In a small cozy zoo in the shopping center KhL-3 animals live by their own rules and walk where they want. Do not be surprised if you are met by a goat or a white kangaroo and will lead an excursion, while the Pavlushka peacock lurks on the tree of the Cheshire Cat.

In Vegas Crocus City there is the largest contact zoo. Here you will see, in addition to the familiar animals, a special exposition: mysterious nocturnal animals in their natural habitat. And exotic animals, lizards and amphibians hid in the quest-castle of Queen Worms. In the center of Kuntsevo-Plaza, get acquainted with the main symbol of our zoos - the white kangaroo and his family. On large sites, talk with goats, lambs, rabbits, raccoons and noses. The pearl of the zoo in Kuntsevo is a cheerful company of amazing primates in the exposition "Monkey City" in the middle of the jungle.

"White Kangaroo" is an excellent resting place for the whole family. In zoos, children and adults receive vivid emotions and impressions, which will remain in your memory for a long time. Communication with animals is useful for the emotional and intellectual development of children, it teaches empathy, take care of nature and take care of our smaller brothers. In the hearts of children there arises a kind and responsible attitude to all life.

Residents of zoos are vaccinated, vigorous and healthy. Specialists monitor security in the hall, explain how to communicate with animals, and carefully observe what is happening.

Touching and funny pets are waiting for new friends to give them a good mood!

Discount of 20% for the first visit to any of the zoos of the network "White Kangaroo" on our promo code *. Come with the whole family, please the children and enjoy yourself!

* Does not stack with other discounts and promotions.

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Посещал данное заведение с детьми , очень понравилось, Спасибо Большое за рекомендацию !!!

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