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For 5 years of work we have significantly improved the quality of reception, service and organization of leisure of Chinese tourists in Moscow and throughout Russia. Thanks to our partners and guests, as well as the diligence and diligence of our employees, we have achieved the goals set for 2017.

Satisfaction with rest in Russia

91% of Chinese tourists were satisfied with the quality of leisure in Moscow

Accepted guests from China in 2017

5417/5000 tourists rested in Russia with our participation

Held tours and excursions for 2017

434/400 organized tourist groups in Moscow and Russia

We could not have achieved this without you. Many thanks!

Our advantages

Do not waste time

We trebly appreciate the time for guests to rest - up to a minute thoughtful tours and excursions for Chinese tourists.

We offer the best

A wide choice of tours and excursions for the Chinese in Moscow and throughout Russia. Relax for every taste.

Just friendship

Do not go on a deal with a conscience for the sake of immediate benefits. Always looking for and finding win-win options.

Reception of guests from China at the highest level

We offer travel enthusiasts a variety of tours and excursions in Moscow, formed and compiled by specialists and professional guides.

For more than 5 years with tours from MoscowChinese in Moscow guests of the capital enjoy the comfort and sights of the city.

Excursion tour in Moscow can be made individually or you can join the national team. You can be sure that we offer the most favorable and interesting offers for our tourists. Send a request to the sales department and we will respond to you promptly.

At your request, we are always ready to diversify the programs of our standard tours in Moscow and include in them any interactive, entertaining, cultural or other excursion programs you like in Moscow for children and adults.

We offer excursion tours for Chinese tourists in Moscow and across Russia in several versions:

  • Full package. Includes: accommodation, meals and excursions.
  • Excursion package. Includes: bus excursions in Moscow according to the standard program or excursion service according to the individual program.

Thousands of satisfied guests

We have extensive experience in servicing foreign guests and specialize only in tourists from China. This helps us to better understand our guests, provide them with cordial welcome and comfortable living conditions in Moscow, in accordance with their wishes and traditions.

Linking your holiday with us, you get:

  • transfer from the airport to the hotel and back
  • bus tours around Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ulyanovsk and Kazan
  • a huge selection of excursions
  • all-inclusive food

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